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About Dr. Barr

Joseph Barr, board certified in Biofeedback, is a health psychologist with a special interest in self-regulation. He is past-president of the Biofeedback Society of Illinois and developed the Stress Center at Lutheran General Hospital.


Dr. Barr chaired Medical Staff Psychology at Lutheran General Hospital for three terms and is an enthusiastic speaker of strategies to improve health and performance.


He has taught at Northwestern University, University of Illinois Med School, and Indiana University.

When he's not working with clients, Dr. Barr enjoys walking his dog and playing card games with his family. As a believer in trying new things and getting out of one's comfort zone, he has recently taken up rock climbing and is working on tackling 5.9's at the Lincoln Park Movement gym. 






        1994 - 2004: Adjunct Faculty, Family Institute,
               Northwestern University

       1984 - 1990: Adjunct Assist. Professor
               University of Illinois

       1974 - 1978: Adjunct Faculty
               Purdue University



       1982 - Present: Barr, Lansky & Associates
               Consulting Practice in Psychology

       1991 - 1995, 1997 - 1999: Chief of Psychology
               Lutheran General Hospital

       1981 - 1986: Biofeedback Center,

               Lutheran General Hospital

               Consultant to staff, business, community



  • Chicago Magazine

  • Chicago Sun-Time

  • Daily Herald

  • WISH-TV (Indianapolis)

  • Cable TV

  • WLS-FM




  • Masters and Doctoral Degree 1978 Indiana University-Bloomington   

  • Illinois Licensed Psychologist   

  • Board Certified in Biofeedback   

  • Approved Supervisor in Marital Psychology, AAMFT


  • American Bar Association

  • Heart Association of Chicago

  • Deerfield Parent University

  • Lung Association

  • Motorola Corporation

  • US Olympic Team


  • Stress and Health

  • Stress as it affects personal performance

  • Stress and Couples   

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